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67 mm ND2-ND32 Filtr ND2 o zmiennej neutralnej gęstości Nano powlekany

4.9 29 Opinii KF01.1061
&DARMOWA Wysyłka w kwalifikujących się krajach
  • Producent: K&F Concept
  • Kupuj K&F Concept 67 mm nd2-nd32 filtr nd2 o zmiennej neutralnej gęstości nano powlekany przez Internet, bezpłatną wysyłkę na cały świat i 30-dniową gwarancję zwrotu.
  • KF01.1061
  • Kod produktu: KF01.1061
  • 264
Kup 2+ 10% zniżki
  • • Wykonane przez Optical Glasses, zmniejsza wlot światła bez wpływu na ogólny balans kolorów.
  • • Technologia nanowarstwowa, wodoodporna, odporna na zadrapania, zielona powłoka antyrefleksyjna, skutecznie chroni przed olejem, odciskami palców, zarysowaniami, chroni cenne soczewki.
  • • NIE "X" krzyżuje obrazy.
  • • Wyjątkowo wąska konstrukcja obręczy zapobiegająca winietowaniu szerokokątnemu. Wyjątkowo wytrzymała aluminiowa rama zapewniająca trwałość i zapobieganie zakleszczeniom.
ND1000 firkantet filter
multiresistent beleggsteknologi som reduserer linseutblussing og spøkelse betydelig, samtidig som filteret er anti-riper, vannavstøtende, olje- og støvbestandig som passer for strenge opplevelsesfotografering.
ND1000-filter gir 10 f-stop-reduksjoner og er laget med premium optikkglass fra Tyskland.
Anti-begroing mot
Høy grad
av reduksjon
Høy lys
Primært farge optisk glass ND1000- dobbelt parabolsk speil
Glassspeil uten dobbeltkast, spesielt de med lengre brennvidde, er uskarpe.
Filteret mot riper, vannavstøtende, olje- og støvbestandig passform for ekstremitetsfotografering.
Vanndråper er runde.
Andre linser
Spredt vanndråper.
Uten ND-filter
1/6 ″ Lukkerhastighet
Med ND-filter
2,5 ″ Lukkerhastighet
Opinie (29)
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Great variable ND Filter
Amazing this variable ND filter from K&F. One of the things that immediately caught my attention was having a minimum and maximum stop, as opposed to some endlessly rotating filters, and being lightweight. I bought the 67mm filter to use on my new Tamron 28-75 2.8 mounted on a Sony A7 III and the quality is great, in the images I used the filter I noticed no quality loss or color change. The "X" cross didn't appear at any time along the course. And the packing is very usefull to store when not in use.It is incredibly useful for shooting outdoors with sun to keep the shutter correct and not overly high. It also serves to be able to use a larger aperture and thus blur the background of the image further.It is possible to use with the lens hood though if required although not as practical.
Great variable ND Filter Great variable ND Filter Great variable ND Filter Great variable ND Filter Great variable ND Filter
amazing quality
in past i got k&f ND filters and i wasn’t happy about them because the had horrible purple colour cast what i couldn’t get ride with photoshop, they were cheap. about £10 for 3 different ND filters with pouch. yeah... price does matter))) lol)) this one is NOTHING close to those what i use to have. it feels like i had ford ka and now i have ford mustang)))ok...i use 70-200mm is f4 and 10-18mm both have 67mm it’s really easy to change from ND2 to ND32 don’t need to unscrew your ND filter from lens, just spin the circle.there is NO COLOUR CAST. what is most important thing in ND filter. i would say i bought Nisi quality ND filter for twice less than Nisi.comes in hard storage case not pouch. so when you throw your ND filter in your camera bag , you don’t have to worry about that it will smash. i would definitely buy it again.
amazing quality
All good
Very happy with it
I am a videographer and I can't compare this against some of the more high end filters but I am happy with the colour it is producing especially on skin tones
really worth the money
Iv'e tried many vnd filters for a rang of manufacturers and this is by far the beast its a must for video and stills.

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