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82 mm zmienny filtr neutralny ND2-ND32 i powlekany polaryzatorem kołowym

4.7 6 Opinii KF01.1088
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333zł 418zł 20% OFF W tym VAT
&DARMOWA Wysyłka w kwalifikujących się krajach
  • Producent: K&F Concept
  • Kupuj K&F Concept 82 mm zmienny filtr neutralny nd2-nd32 i powlekany polaryzatorem kołowym przez Internet, bezpłatną wysyłkę na cały świat i 30-dniową gwarancję zwrotu.
  • KF01.1088
  • Kod produktu: KF01.1088
  • 333
  • • Jeden filtr ma cechy filtra ND i CPL, może nie tylko zmniejszyć ilość światła wpadającego do obiektywu, ale także przyciemnić niebo, zarządzać odbiciami w tym samym czasie.
  • • Wykonane przez ukończone profesjonalne okulary optyczne, wielowarstwowa powłoka, zapewnia tylko 0,4% przepuszczalność światła i wodoodporność, odporność na zarysowania, które mogłyby chronić Twój cenny obiektyw.
  • • Filtruj ramki wykonane ze stopu aluminium, ząbkowana konstrukcja krawędzi ramy ułatwia instalację. Jest 5 znaczników od Min. Do ND32 w ramce, Jest to wygodne, aby upewnić się, że filtr ND zatrzyma się.
Produkty powiązane
Filtr ND i CPL 2 w 1
Istnieje filtr ND i CPL połączony w jeden filtr. Po ustawieniu filtra nd dobrze się zatrzymuje, a następnie obróć ramkę obramowania piłokształtnego, dzięki czemu można uzyskać funkcje filtra nd i filtra cpl w tym samym czasie, nie musisz używać filtru cpl i dodaj filtr.

Żadne "X" nie krzyżuje się na obrazach
Filtr ma technologię samoblokującą ramy. Po obróceniu do końca MIN lub ND32 ramka zostaje automatycznie zablokowana, co ułatwia osiągnięcie efektów, takich jak płytsza głębia ostrości lub niewyraźne ruchy, unikanie plamki "X" na obrazach.

Powłoka nano
Nasi inżynierowie optycy opracowali nową technologię nano-powłoki, zwaną nanotec, od podstaw, aby odpychać brud, wodę, olej i inne elementy przez frezowanie, a nie pochłanianie i rozmazywanie. Ustawiona w naszym koniu roboczym i zbudowana, aby wytrzymać ekstremalne wiatry, słoną wodę, kurz i inne czynniki i elementy ścierające.
Rating 6 reviews. 4 reviews. 1 reviews. 9 reviews. 2 reviews. 0 reviews.
Price 418zł 333zł 396zł 269zł 408zł 320zł 654zł 320zł 269zł 250zł 269zł 250zł
Model KF01.1088 KF01.1085 KF01.1086 KF01.1087 KF01.1319 KF01.1320
82 mm 67mm 72 mm 77mm 49 mm 52mm
Odporna NA Zarysowania
Materiał Filtracyjny
Optiskt glas Optiskt glas Szkło optyczne Optiskt glas Optiskt glas Optiskt glas
Grubość Filtra
9,3mm 9,3 mm 9.3mm 9.3mm 9,3 mm 9,3mm
Koło Cirkel Koło Koło Koło Okrąg
Materiał PierśCienia
Stop aluminium lotniczego Flygaluminiumlegering Stop aluminium lotniczego Stop aluminium lotniczego Stop aluminium lotniczego Stop aluminium lotniczego
Opinie (6)
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To make it short - this combo filter is very good value for money, as long as you're getting it for the right reasons. While not quite up there with "pro-level" filters in terms of quality, it does a great job for what it is.

Firstly, the main appeal of this filter is combining CPL and variable ND functions onto one - which saves you from having to stack multiple filters (which may end up not working well together) and makes for one less piece of glass between your lens and your target. I've noticed no flaws whatsoever in how the two functions work together - no Xs, no artifacts. The CPL part of the filter is very, very good. The variable ND part is... fine. Better than a lot of filters in this price range. There is still a slight brownish cast from it, but it's totally consistent and very easy to correct in post-processing. Just don't expect stellar results right out of the camera, without a couple of clicks' worth of extra work!

In terms of filter factor, it's more or less spot on - it's a little bit more than 1 stop of light at the lowest setting (ND2), but at the highest setting it seems to be pretty much exactly 5 stops of light - not the 5 and a half you'd get if you took an ND32 filter and put a CPL over it.

However, the real question is: do you need this filter? Because the max setting of ND32 is generally a bit too light for landscape photography off a tripod (you'll want an ND64 or even ND100 filter there). For longer telephoto lenses (over 200mm focal length), you really don't need this kind of filter for the obvious reason that you're not likely to be getting too much light. For wide-angle lenses, the CPL portion makes it a complete no-go - on anything shorter than 35mm focal length, it'll completely mess up your image with those uneven shadows (not the filter's fault - but CPL is really not designed for that).

So, what is this for, exactly?
Well, I can't speak for video usage - but in stills photography there's one area where this filter really excels, and that is for handheld shooting in bright daylight conditions with large, wide-aperture lenses at the higher end of portrait and lower end of telephoto: in other words, lenses between 80mm and 200mm focal length and f/2.8 or less when wide open. This allows you to really control and thin out your depth of field and shoot at shutter speed that will minimize noise, while being able to control more of the stray light from reflections thanks to the CPL.

I use it for creative photography with just two such lenses, both totally manual: the Samyang 135mm f/2, and the Helios 40-2 (85mm f/1.5). It is very handy with both, really hits a sweet spot for usability despite how bulky those lenses themselves are, and really brings out the kind of extreme subject isolation and bokeh both of them are capable of. So, if you own monster prime lenses of that kind (between 80 and 200mm, f/2.8 or less) - this is a great filter you really will find useful. But beyond those? Might be worth checking something else!

Otherwise, my only other criticisms are about ergonomics: the filter uses some kind of non-standard thread on the outside, and has too little thread left anyway to screw anything over it - so if you were thinking of putting a hood or any other sort of attachment over it, you'll have to forget it. And on too of that, the little "handles" for controlling the ND variation stick out just a bit too far from the body of the filter... so you can't really attach a lens hood behind it either, save for a flexible rubber one - and even then, the "handles" will likely deform it a bit. Long story short - expect this filter to always end up on the very end of your optical train, and expect to have trouble even fitting a lens cap over it without it constantly falling off. It's not a big deal as far as I'm concerned - but you may find yourself putting this filter on and taking it off to store it in a box every time you go out to shoot. Not ideal if you want to put it on a lens and forget about it.

All in all though, I'm very happy with it! Worthy buy and a handy tool to use.
One of the only few filters that do not have the 'x' in the photos due to 2 filters combined, and it is the best for the price. I have several sizes for several lenses that live on the cameras. The packaging is always presentable and the filter itself is of good quality. little to no effect on photos.

Recommend 10/10
No cross pattern, the cpl and nd work seamlessly and are built sturdy so they won’t go spin randomly. They are easy to manipulate with one hand with some practice :) highly recommend especially at this price
Great filters, Great Price for the Quality which is up amongst the best.
At first I wasn’t too sure about the price, but that quickly changed when I started using them. I had tried the K&F in the next higher price bracket but found that I couldn’t justify them for my purely amateur photography.If you want great quality at a decent price these are well worth looking at. If you’re of a more professional/business mind then you won’t need reviews done on Amazon by amateurs like myself.All in all, I can highly recommend these filters - I’m fortunate that I only need three thread sizes for my Canon L-Series lenses, or it could become very expensive!
worth the money
Ok product for the money, not the best and not the worst worth the money

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Yes, possible. I am using it on 11mm on a crop 80d without any vigneting. 
From my opinion the answer is no ! mine it’s a 82 mm and there no way to hook a Lens cap on it 
Rozmiar 82 mm
Odporna NA Zarysowania
Materiał Filtracyjny Optiskt glas
Grubość Filtra 9,3mm
KształT Koło
Materiał PierśCienia Stop aluminium lotniczego