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TM2515T DSLR Statyw Aparatu Fotograficzny Monopod Zestaw Canon, Nikon

546zł 417zł
&DARMOWA Wysyłka w kwalifikujących się krajach
  • Producent: K&F Concept
  • Kupuj K&F Concept tm2515t dslr statyw aparatu fotograficzny monopod zestaw canon, nikon przez Internet, bezpłatną wysyłkę na cały świat i 30-dniową gwarancję zwrotu.
  • KF09.046
  • Dostępność: W magazynie
  • 417
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TM2515T DSLR Statyw Aparatu Fotograficzny Monopod Zestaw Canon, Nikon
Statyw do aparatu DSLR
Parametr produktu
Sekcje 5
Minimalna wysokość
15,4 "(39 cm)
Maksymalna wysokość
52,8 cala (134 cm)
15.4 "(39cm)
Małe i lekkie
Waga: 3,6 kg (1,7 kg)
Wysokość złożona : 15 cali (39 cm)
Nie rdzewieje
Całość wykonana ze stopu aluminium i magnezu
Panoramiczne zdjęcia 360 °

Obrót o 360 °
Wyczyść skalę
22 kg (10 kg)
Gumowa uszczelka i tylna wtyczka bezpieczeństwa
1.1 "(28mm)
Głowica kulowa
Duże sfery są bardziej stabilne
Fotografia o niskim kącie
Najniższe kątowanie, fotografowanie w makrofotografii i fotografowanie specjalne można uzyskać za pomocą odwróconej osi centralnej.
Stopy aluminium i
Gęsty uchwyt gąbki
Spiralne pokrętło blokujące ułatwia i przyspiesza obsługę
15.4 "(39 cm)
Łatwy do przenoszenia
Rurka wykonana z wysokiej jakości stopu magnezu i aluminium, może być refleksem 180 °, lepsza przenośność.
Unipod Informacja
Wysokość: 139cm

Informacja o modelu
Wysokość: 175cm
Ogólnie   4.8   
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Smooth gliding and nice quality
 The tripod is compact and lightweight. The mount is plastic which is a shame it would have been nice to have a metal one.The camera movement is nice and smooth and it has a lot of position. The legs are strong and sturdy. It needs a counterweight when using the overhead and the hook for one isn't the best.ProsNice build qualityeasy to adust lefts and head.smooth glide.light-weightConsplastic camera mounttips easy when using the overhead.Overall a nice tripod with a few bits that could be improved to make it prefect.
Best tripod ever!!!
Best tripod I ever had in my entire life!!!!!That's all I have to say.
Great product
Good value for the money.
Sturdy, versatile, not too heavy - this is a great all-rounder!
I've had this tripod for a couple of months now and have used it in a variety of shoots. For the price, I absolutely cannot fault it!- It's not the lightest tripod in the world but it's by no means "heavy".- It's almost infinitely adjustable, which allows it to work well in a huge range of positions. Spend a bit of time getting familiar with all the adjustment points and options and you'll be set!- It's solid and study enough for long exposures with absolutely no blur. There's even a hook under the main stem to hang some extra weight if you need the tripod to be truly solid, and if you can afford to lose some height you have the option of spreading the legs much wider (see photos).
Solid and versatile. A quality feel at a reasonable price
It's not often I just receive a product and want to rush out and write a review but after playing with this tripod for just an hour here I am. While you can't really call this a cheap tripod as for as camera kit goes this is definitely a value for money item.From the carry bag to the two all metal 360 panoramic ballheads everything fells solid and well built. The horizontal arm adds tones of flexibility allowing you to switch from portraits, to low leave macros, to smooth panoramic shots and can even fill in for a rail slide in a pinch. It also has a standard threaded mount point under the rubber plug at the far end going options for further mounts.Switching from Tri to Mono pole is quick and easy but requires a double thread that could be easily lost. I will keep the tread attached and the hook in the bag as I'm more likely to mono pole on a regular bases than require the tripod to be weighted down.The legs extend and contract quickly enough and the angle locks feel solid. I'm only using mirrorless cameras and fairly light weight lenses but even with an external monitor and LED light also attached it was stable at full extension.While my kit is for family and fun use only I have two pre-teens who have become aspiring film makers of late and can be heavy handed at time as youngest tend to be. I'm pretty sure this tripod will stand up to everything we require of it and I will be sure to return and update if time and use begins to show short comings. But as it stands I'm very please with my purchase.
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