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49 mm filtr ND2 do ND400 o zmiennej gęstości neutralnej ND

4.5 25 Opinii SKU0690
83zł 133zł
&DARMOWA Wysyłka w kwalifikujących się krajach
  • Producent: K&F Concept
  • Kupuj K&F Concept 49 mm filtr nd2 do nd400 o zmiennej gęstości neutralnej nd przez Internet, bezpłatną wysyłkę na cały świat i 30-dniową gwarancję zwrotu.
  • SKU0690
  • Kod produktu: SKU0690
  • 83
Kup 2+ 10% zniżki
  • • Szersza zewnętrzna optyka, aby zredukować winietowanie pod szerokim kątem
  • • Wykonane z wysokiej jakości szkła optycznego w technologii K & F Concept
  • • Gęstość neutralną można regulować od ND2 do ND400. Zmniejsza ilość światła docierającego do filmu bez wpływu na kolor.
  • • Nadaje się do dynamicznego ekranu, wodospadów, strumieni, fal itp.
  • • Marka K & F Concept wyprodukowana przez profesjonalny zespół, 12-miesięczna gwarancja od producenta, gwarantowana w 100% satysfakcji.
ND1000 firkantet filter
multiresistent beleggsteknologi som reduserer linseutblussing og spøkelse betydelig, samtidig som filteret er anti-riper, vannavstøtende, olje- og støvbestandig som passer for strenge opplevelsesfotografering.
ND1000-filter gir 10 f-stop-reduksjoner og er laget med premium optikkglass fra Tyskland.
Anti-begroing mot
Høy grad
av reduksjon
Høy lys
Primært farge optisk glass ND1000- dobbelt parabolsk speil
Glassspeil uten dobbeltkast, spesielt de med lengre brennvidde, er uskarpe.
Filteret mot riper, vannavstøtende, olje- og støvbestandig passform for ekstremitetsfotografering.
Vanndråper er runde.
Andre linser
Spredt vanndråper.
Uten ND-filter
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Med ND-filter
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Opinie (25)
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Great product - would be greater if it came with a lens cap!
The ND filter came in a sealed cellophane bag, inside a plastic case with foam, inside the outer cardboard packaging which was then inside another sealed cellophane bag so, very securely packed.The filter is approximately 1cm thick (or £3 stacked).It attached to my lens without any issues. Build quality is good with a smooth turn. The filter does not stop when it reaches its ‘Min’ or ‘Max’ positions don’t you have to keep an eye on that when adjusting.One thing to keep in mind is that my original lens cap (Sony 35mm 1.8 OSS) does not fit properly on the ND filter and as such, sits at an angle.Filter does change the colour slightly but nothing that can’t be remedied in post.Overall, happy with the product itself as it does what I expected it to. Can’t go wrong with the price.
Great product - would be greater if it came with a lens cap! Great product - would be greater if it came with a lens cap! Great product - would be greater if it came with a lens cap!
Great value for money!
Excellent. Leaves no marks on image or video. Only flaw is sometimes the setting will change without you realising, (you can twist it easily whilst in use) and end up with really bad footage if you are not careful, as it happened to me, though this was really my fault and not the product.
Fits Canon EOS M50 kit lens
I got this because I wanted to have 1/50 shutter speed and a wide aperture in an outdoor shooting environment - I am video recording. It works well. One thing you should know, you cannot put your kit lens lid on this filter, otherwise you need to remove it.
Does what it says on the tin
A basic, yet vital tool for film making done excellently well. Filming in daylight, with clear skies, it held up just fine and is the perfect budget option. For stills shooters looking for longer exposures, look for non variable filters as it seems many are complaining of polarisation (I experienced none, shooting at F1.8 outdoors in the sun for video).
the best product
great product. picture quality and works as lens protector as well. i am loving it.

These images belong to K&F Concept end users.

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From 1-5 stops, there will be a slight X cross for lens under 24mm. An X cross will appear at the highest stop and can be removed by rotating the filter ring, which is a normal situation instead of a quality issue. 
Tested with Nikon Z 7 and Nikor 14-30mm Sline, dark corners are not obvious for 14mm and no dark corners for 16mm. 
As K&F Concept ND2-ND400 filters adjusts the amount of light that can pass through with polarizing glass, a colour cast can't be avoided for all the variable ND filters on the market. However, K&F Concept variable ND filters are made by the best coating technology, which reduces the effect of the polarizing film on image color. *Based on our professional test, the colour cast of K&F Concept ND2-ND400 filters is around 290k while the industry standard is 500k. 
To avoid dark corners, K&F Concept ND2-ND400 filters are designed in ultra-wide construction so the front side of the ND filter is one size larger than the camera lens. It is recommended to use a lens hood of a larger size. 
First, K&F Concept ND2-ND400 lens filter allows changing shutter speed based on the effect you want with the best sensibility and the same aperture. Second, K&F Concept ND2-ND400 lens filter allows creating a blurred background with a large aperture while the shutter speed remains the same. Third, K&F Concept ND2-ND400 lens filter is designed to prevent overexposure and maintain image purity and quality at the same time. *Like a zoom lens, the variable nd filters are suitable for multiple shooting situations. If you're looking for perfect image quality, a fixed ND filter is recommended.