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CM-500 Shotgun Microphone for DSLR Camera Video Photography

4.5 101 Opinii Kod produktu:KF10.001
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  • Producent: K&F Concept
  • Kupuj K&F Concept cm-500 shotgun microphone for dslr camera video photography przez Internet, bezpłatną wysyłkę na cały świat i 30-dniową gwarancję zwrotu.
  • KF10.001
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CM-500 Shotgun Microphone for DSLR Camera Video Photography
  • • Technologia odciążania NCR zapewnia redukcję szumów przy bardzo dużej mocy. Odporna na wstrząsy konstrukcja konstrukcyjna, zmniejszająca mechaniczne szumy kamery i inne wibracje.
  • • Efektywna odległość odbioru może osiągnąć 20 metrów. Zwiększ jakość odbioru, czystość i jakość dźwięku. Jednopunktowe funkcje odbioru w kształcie serca mogą skutecznie zmniejszyć hałas otaczającego środowiska.
  • • Wbudowany profesjonalny mikrofon przetwornikowy o wysokiej wydajności w kształcie serca, wykorzystujący podwójną głowicę, uzupełniającą technologię tłumienia zakłóceń.
  • • Produkt jest zgodny z normami Unii Europejskiej dotyczącymi kompatybilności elektromagnetycznej 2004/108 / EC i FCC Part 15. Nie jest kompatybilny z kamerą Sony, lustrzanką Canon i kamerą lustrzaną Nikon.
  • • Wszystkie metalowe powłoki, przyjmują powierzchniowe utlenianie anodowe, solidny i delikatny wygląd, wszystko pokazuje profesjonalny poziom.
Shotgun Microphone
The NCR denoise pickup technology features super power noise reduction. Shock-resistant structural design, to reduce the mechanical noise of the camera and other vibration noise.
*The product conforms to the European Union electromagnetic compatibility standard 2004/108/EC and FCC Part 15 standards.
High Sensitivity

① Built-in professional high-performance heart-shaped pickup microphone, using dual head complementary noise interference pickup technology.

②Effective pickup distance reach 20 meters.

③ Make pickup farther, more pure and better sound quality.

Output response
Alloy Tube
All-metal body design
Other brands
Plastic body design
All-metal body design
All metal shell design, adopt surface anodic oxidation, solid and delicate appearance, everything show professional level.
① Camera Microphone x1pc
② Windproof cotton x1pc
③ CR2032 button battery x1pc
④ Manual x1pc
Function Description
① “+10Db” is for sensitivity enhancement pickup
② “0Db” is for normal pickup
③ “OFF” is for power off
Standard Hot shoe mount
Microphone Φ3.5mm audio output cable
Energy-saving LED indicate
Windproof cotton
Battery compartment: Built-in CR2032 button battery
Hot shoe base
Monomer back electrets condenser
Directivity heart-shaped 50Hz-16kHz
Frequency response 50Hz-16KHz
Sensitivity enhancement -37dB±3dB (0dB=1V/Pa at 1kHz)
Sensitivity OGS Capacitive Screen, full lamination
The equivalent noise level 24 dB A
Maximum Sound Pressure Level 130dB(THD≤1.5% at 1KHz)
Output impedance 200Ω±30% (at 1kHz)
Channel Mono
Working Voltage  CR2032 button cell Power Consumption    ≤4mA(Typical value)
Battery life Battery life can last up to 50-60 hours
Built-in professional condenser microphone, high sensitivity, be careful not to drop or intense impact.

The microphone should be stored in dry and clean place when not in use. Avoid to store or use in high temperature, high humidity and strong magnetic place.

The power switch should be drawn to “OFF” position when not in use, to save battery power and should remove the battery to prevent damage to the circuit because of battery leakage when not in use for a long time.

You need to replace a new battery in time when low power.

Please put the windproof cotton included together on the microphone to achieve a good effect of pickup.
Ogólnie   4.5   
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Excellent mic with quality materials an excellent sound
Quick Review – Amazing build quality, excellent sound capturing, well designed, excellent record quality, highly recommended.General Verdict = great product, universal fitting, very light, excellent quality sound, huge value, much recommended product.Long ReviewGeneral – I have tried and used a couple of different mics for my camera and none have been anywhere as high a quality as this one, The design itself is simple yet effective, with high quality metal construction, this heart shaped unidirectional design works very well at picking up sound. The mic is powered by a CR2032 button cell battery (included) and lasts very well approx. 50-60 hours.There is a 3 way switch on top of the mic that switches it from off position to 0db (standard) to +10db (boosted) for better sound pickup over ranges, It fits quite well on the camera locking into place on the standard hot shoe point and requires a standard 3.5mm audio jack point on the camera to work correctly.Materials – The metals used in construction feel very sturdy and like it can take a knock or two without issues, the mount itself is plastic with built in cushioning to help reduce the impact from knocks and bangs, the included wind proof cotton sleeve for the mic is well constructed, no pits, tears or holes and fits the mic precisely providing a good natural noise reduction.Improvement Possibilities – This section should in no way be thought of as negative, this is just ideas I had for possible future thoughts for developing the product further.1. N/AOverall Verdict – outstanding mic, amazing quality & build, east fit and remove, provides excellent sound quality, amazing value for money.Thank You for readingCarl Fellows
Excellent mic with quality materials an excellent sound Excellent mic with quality materials an excellent sound Excellent mic with quality materials an excellent sound Excellent mic with quality materials an excellent sound
Good external microphone. Read this if you can’t remove the battery. Must remember to turn it on before use
Disclaimer: I received this product for free in exchange for my honest & unbiased reviewIf you are shooting video, an external microphone is a must for anyone who wants decent sound – it improves the sound quality. It is bound to - the internal microphone, considering its tiny size, cannot hope to compete with one this big. The difference in sound quality is significant.This microphone comes in a good presentation box (see photo 1). This is important if it is a gift - it makes a difference. Some items come in brown cardboard boxes.Inside everything is stored in cutaway foam (photo 2).Photo 3 shows what you get in the box – the microphone, a cotton foam muffler and a CR2032 battery. The bank note is to give you an idea of the size.The muffler reduces wind noise. It is essential.Photos 4-5 shows it mounted on the hotshoe, with the cable plugged into the camera.Photo 6 shows the rear of the microphone. The end cap unscrews to insert the battery, which is included. To insert the battery, tilt it so that the 12 o’clock position is inserted and then push on the 6 o’clock position. It snaps in place.Tip: The instructions are wrong regarding how to remove the battery (a translation error, I assume) . They say that the ‘metal card’ has to be pushed ‘outwards’ (photo 8). In fact, you push the metal clip (in the 6 o’clock position) DOWN – the clip is on a spring and will move down, releasing the bottom of the battery (photo 9). The battery then levers out. I tell you as you will be cursing if you do not know how to do it and try to follow the instructions.The microphone has three settings – off, 0dB & +10 dB. The latter increases sensitivity (and noise too, naturally, so there is a price to pay) – but it is good to have.If you are not used to this microphone, please always check it is on before filming – if you are used to using the built-in microphone, it is SO easy to film your child’s birthday party or whatever with this new toy and then curse because you forgot to turn it on. Every time I press record, I first check that the microphone is turned on.Confusingly, the red LED on the top by the three-position switch (see photo 10 – the LED (transparent in the photo) is just beyond the +10dB setting) does not stay on when the microphone is on. It only turns on to indicate a low battery. In normal use, when you turn the microphone on that LED blinks for a fraction of a second, and dimly – I thought that it meant my factory-supplied battery was dead on arrival. I tested it – it wasn’t – the LED is designed that way.I carry a spare CR2032 battery, just in case.The manual includes two graphs showing the output response of the microphone (photos 11 & 12). I cannot verify them – all I can say is that the microphone improves the sound quality and I am very happy with it.
Good external microphone. Read this if you can’t remove the battery. Must remember to turn it on before use Good external microphone. Read this if you can’t remove the battery. Must remember to turn it on before use Good external microphone. Read this if you can’t remove the battery. Must remember to turn it on before use
Pretty decent
This is a pretty decent, lightweight microphone, suitable for most DSLs and superzoom/bridge cameras that have a standard mic socket.It's got a cardoid response (with a fairly good rejection of sound from behind, but it cannae change the laws of physics). Sound quality is great for the price. Noise isn't overwhelming, as some older reviews say -- I suspect the internal electronics have been upgraded since then.Speaking of which, as a condenser mic, it needs power to drive those internal gubbins. So the package comes with a lithium button cell (not rechargeable). Mine hasn't run out yet, so I can't verify the 50 hour battery-life claim. Replacements are easily available, such as this six-pack, branded Panasonic.Curiously, I see one or two Amazon reviews saying the sound quality is no better than the built-in mics in their cameras. Either their cameras have excellent microphones, or they made the same mistake as I did at first: I failed to push the jack fully home! The Fuji socket is rather stiff, and it's recessed so it's hard to see that the jack isn't properly in.Also, don't forget it's a mono mic. I'd have thought this was obvious, but apparently not so!What would I improve? It would be good to have a low-battery indication. Also some rubber construction between the body and the camera mount might help attenuate the transmitted handling noise when you zoom, focus, etc. Otherwise, this might have got five stars.In case you were wondering, the body is 130 mm long with its foam sock on, and it sits 65 mm above the flash shoe.Unboxing photos attached, plus a photo of it attached to my Fuji X-S1.Full disclosure: I was asked to test this product by K&F/dcmall, but this review is my genuinely independent opinion.
Pretty decent Pretty decent
A good value and high performing camera microphone
This K&F Concept Camera Microphone comes presentably boxed and in the package apart from the microphone you get a foam windshield, CR2032 button cell and a decent set of illustrated instructions. We used this microphone with a Nikon D7200 DSLR on a recent trip to photograph some Kingfishers. The microphone has a claimed frequency response of 50Hz to 16KHz and an impedance of 200 Ohms.The immediate impression is of good quality product which is largely of metal construction. This mono microphone is powered by a CR2032 which should last 50-60 hours before an LED indicator flashes to warn of a low battery condition. The battery is easily fitted by opening a screwed door at the rear of the microphone. There's a short 3.5mm audio lead which plugs into the camera and the microphone is easily fitted to the camera via the integral hot shoe mount. The only control is an on/off switch which can also enhance the sensitivity by 10db. I personally prefer to use the microphone with the foam windshield on.In the field we found this microphone performed well. There was very little mechanical noise from the camera and although wind noise was kept to a minimum plenty of both foreground and background detail was captured including birdsong. The sensitivity enhancement switch produced a noticeable effect albeit at the obvious expense of slightly more noise. Because of its light weight this is an easy microphone to manage too. Overall we are delighted with the audio quality captured by this microphone and would unhesitatingly recommended it as good value solution for a DSLR or camcorder user. Recommended.(Disclosure: I was provided with a free sample for review - the opinion above is my honest view of the product).
A good value and high performing camera microphone
Great mic.
I tend to use leveller mics for most of my work but this has performed admirably at times when it is required.
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