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58mm Filtr ND2 - ND400, Filtr ND Zmienny Neutralna Gęstość

Kod produktu: SKU0125

This filter is able to get stunning pictures at such a great price.
Long exposure. At first I hardly used it, now I'm a huge fan. I shopped around and found the perfect tripod (carbon-fiber Manfrotto, also great). When that arrived, I mentioned to my friend I was planning on getting waterfalls with a slow shutter speed, and he said, "You gotta ND filter, right?" I knew I had a trip up to Letchworth coming up that weekend. That evening I rushed onto Amazon, shopped around, and found this product. Perfect size for my Zeiss 50mm and 35mm!I didn't really get the chance to mess with this ND filter until I arrived at Letchworth and wow was I blown away! The crisp rolling ring and the crisp shade of black make this such an incredible product. So worth the price! I'm blown away by how it doesn't degrade the quality of my captures my lenses can get.I love long exposure now. With my lightweight tripod and my filter, I can only grow.I included a picture of a covered bridge in Cuyahoga Valley National Park taken with this filter. It was a eight second shutter speed.
This filter is able to get stunning pictures at such a great price.