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HC-900A 36MP / 0.5 Sekundy Trigger / 1 Pir Hd ZewnęTrzna Kamera Szlakowa Wodoodporna Kamera MyśLiwska NA Podczerwień Night Vision

Kod produktu: KF35.003

Good first trail camera
I wanted to find out what critters were walking around our forest at night. It took some experimentation to get the camera set up, and sometimes it seemed it wasn't always taking photos when it should have (based on tracks in the dirt). But after checking the camera every morning and adjusting settings, I have it where it seems to be working decently. The photo of the cat is a still; the photo of the deer is a screenshot from a 15-second movie. Both taken with the infrared camera in darkness. Daytime photos are in full color.
Good first trail camera