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HC-900A 36MP / 0.5 Sekundy Trigger / 1 Pir Hd ZewnęTrzna Kamera Szlakowa Wodoodporna Kamera MyśLiwska NA Podczerwień Night Vision

Kod produktu: KF35.003

A good value - lots of camera for 60 bucks
After using this camera for a few weeks, I'm pleased. Always consider the price when shopping around. This camera isn't a $300 luxury camera. It's a $60 value camera, and value is what it delivers. Daytime images are OK. The focus isn't always great, but it's perfectly acceptable. Nighttime images are better than I expected. The motion detection is OK. At least it's not too sensitive. The camera is very easy and intuitive to set up. The menu options aren't elaborate, but they're sufficient. It's just a solid camera for the price. I have no gripes.I recently purchased property, and wanted to see what's lurking around my little spring pond. I followed one buyer's recommendation to only use high quality alkaline batteries. I purchased Energizer Max Alkaline AAs. Also use a quality, Class 10 SD card. Through experience, cheap ones are much more prone to failure. I bought a Sandisk, but there are other good brands. Battery life on this camera looks like it will be excellent. It still shows 100% after 3 weeks.
A good value - lots of camera for 60 bucks