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HC-900A 36MP / 0.5 Sekundy Trigger / 1 Pir Hd ZewnęTrzna Kamera Szlakowa Wodoodporna Kamera MyśLiwska NA Podczerwień Night Vision

Kod produktu: KF35.003

Liked it so much I bought Two More
I bought my first unit for scouting out my property to see what was eating the trees and fruit in my yard. I found it to provide good results so I have ordered another camera to use for monitoring trails for hunting this fall. I will provide another review on the additional camera and an update on this camera to indicate product durability. So far I am quite pleased with my results…… I purchased two more units. I have them set up on various approaches to my apple trees to see where the animals are coming from. I was amazed to see the variety of animals that have been visiting my garden and fruit orchard. The motion sensing mechanism is very sensitive. On one of my cameras I got daytime pictures through trees and brush of delivery vehicles going down my road from 50 plus yards away. I think I may purchase two more to put on my son’s property.
Liked it so much I bought  Two More Liked it so much I bought  Two More