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HC-900A 36MP / 0.5 Sekundy Trigger / 1 Pir Hd ZewnęTrzna Kamera Szlakowa Wodoodporna Kamera MyśLiwska NA Podczerwień Night Vision

Kod produktu: KF35.003

Great pictures, decent price
I’ve been tossing scrap food out for the animals for the past couple years but had no idea who I was feeding. I finally decided to purchase a trail camera so I could see whose enjoying the snacks. The Canpark camera is great. Easy to set up and to use. Unfortunately when I saw that I was feeding a coyote I was not at all pleased. I’ve taken the camera down and stopped the feeding for a few weeks in hope he moves on. Great pictures that are nice and clear. I did get a picture of a dog during the daytime that was extremely precise but I didn’t save it. I’m going to have fun with this camera and plan to take it further into the woods to see what else I can see.
Great pictures, decent price Great pictures, decent price Great pictures, decent price