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HC-900A 36MP / 0.5 Sekundy Trigger / 1 Pir Hd ZewnęTrzna Kamera Szlakowa Wodoodporna Kamera MyśLiwska NA Podczerwień Night Vision

Kod produktu: KF35.003

Great Camera For The Price. You will not be dissapointed.
I recently purchased the T70 and 3 other brands of trail cameras for testing. I am looking for a good deer hunting scouting camera. I have been using cameras since 2006 and run my cameras about 8 months a year. I am looking for a camera that gives clear pictures both day and night. I put out the 4 cameras next to each other on my fence and wanted to compare the picture quality between them. The 4 cameras were aimed at a bird feeder 15 yards away to see how well they would detect the birds, squirrels and occasional deer that visited the feeder during the day and night. I set the MP setting, sensitivity, number of pictures, time between pictures and any other settings that I could match on all of the cameras. I was looking to compare them as close to each other as possible.After about 3 weeks of testing in temperatures that ranged from 7 degrees to 45 degrees F, lots of rainy days, some snow days, and sun beating on the camera case I ended up with about 5000 pictures to compare. I also did do some video on them for a comparison.1. What I found was that all of the cameras were not consuming my batteries. From the start of the test to the end all cameras were still in the 90% charge range.2. The trigger time of the Campark T70 was the fastest of the 4 cameras. The other cameras did not always detect me as I walked through the camera sensing area the first pass, but the normally detected me if I went past them the second time. The Campark T70 always had a lot more pictures than the other cameras and the pictures were rarely false triggers with nothing in the picture.3. The detection for deer size animal was about 65 feet. Birds and squirrels were detected with no problems at 50 feet. The daytime pictures were very good on all cameras, but the night time pictures were clearer on the Campark T70, with a slight blur on the night time pictures. The T70 was still much clearer than the other cameras night pictures.4. During this test all of the cameras were facing South toward the sun. Not the recommended way to do it but I wanted to see if they would give overexposed pictures. One of the cameras did, the other 3 were good. The Campark T70 had the clearest picture of all of them facing into the sun and with the reflection of the bright snow.5. Setup was very easy on all of the cameras but the Campark T70 programming buttons were less sensitive to the pressing and had to sometimes press them twice. This did not turn out to be a problem.6. Battery compartment is very nice on the Campark T70 and easy to install or change batteries.7. SD card insertion and removal on all the cameras has the SD card in a tight spot. Still quite usable.8. Just wanted to say that the Campark T70 had clearer nigh time video and it is probably because it had more LEDs than the other cameras. The video does use up a lot of SD card space. I was using 8GB Sandisk cards and they worked fine.I could go on forever with my review of my testing but I am going to say this based on my testing and experience with trail cameras:THE CAMPARK T70 IS A VERY GOOD QUALITY CAMERA FOR THE PRICE AND YOU WILL NOT BE DISSAPOINTED WITH ITS PERFORMANCE. I AM GOING TO PURCHASE A FEW MORE TO REPLACE MY OLDER FAILING CAMERAS.
Great Camera For The Price.  You will not be dissapointed. Great Camera For The Price.  You will not be dissapointed.