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TC2335 (pomarańczowy) Lekki przenośny statyw z włókna węglowego do fotografii podróżniczej

4.8 35 Opinii Kod produktu:KF09.066
Out Of Stock
Product Unavailable
No Cancellation Fee
638zł 582zł
&DARMOWA Wysyłka w kwalifikujących się krajach
  • Producent: K&F Concept
  • Kupuj K&F Concept tc2335 (pomarańczowy) lekki przenośny statyw z włókna węglowego do fotografii podróżniczej przez Internet, bezpłatną wysyłkę na cały świat i 30-dniową gwarancję zwrotu.
  • KF09.066
  • Dostępność: Out Of Stock
  • 582
Kup 2+ 10% zniżki
TC2335 (pomarańczowy) Lekki przenośny statyw z włókna węglowego do fotografii podróżniczej
  • • Rurka statywu wykonana z wysokiej jakości włókna węglowego, może być odchylona o 180 stopni do tyłu i zamontowana w pozycji odwróconej, wysokość po złożeniu wynosi tylko 13,6 '' (345 mm) waga netto statywu aparatu 1,85 funta, wystarczająco mała, aby ułatwić podróż.
  • • Odwrócona instalacja na środkowej kolumnie w celu uzyskania najniższych ujęć pod kątem, zdjęć makro lub innych zdjęć specjalnych.
  • • Głowica kulowa 360 stopni z poziomicą zapewnia panoramiczny widok. System regulacji kąta nóg w trzech pozycjach zapewnia elastyczne strzelanie.
  • • Konstrukcja środkowej kolumny z hakiem przymocowanym do worka z piaskiem, zwiększającym stabilność, z antypoślizgowymi nóżkami, które utrzymują stabilny statyw. Maksymalny ciężar ładunku wynosi 26,5 funta / 12 kg dla optymalnej wydajności.
  • • Specyfikacja statywu: 23 mm, 5 sekcji nóg z włókna węglowego. Wysokość po złożeniu: 13,6 ". Wysokość po wysunięciu: 53,1". Waga netto: 1,85 funta.
TC2335 Thunder
Statyw Carbon Camera DSLR
Parametr produktu
Sekcje 5
Minimalna wysokość
12,9 ″ (33 cm)
Maksymalna wysokość
53,1 ″ (134,8 cm)
13.6 "(34.5cm)
8 warstw włókna węglowego
100% włókno węglowe jest lżejsze i bezpieczniejsze
Mały i lekki
Waga: 0,69 kg (1,52 funta) / wysokość po złożeniu: 34,5 cm (13,6 cala)
Zdjęcia panoramiczne 360 ​​°
Ładowność 11,8 kg
Gumowa uszczelka i zaślepka z tyłu
Obrotowa głowica kulowa 360 °
90 ° dowolna regulacja kąta strzału
Strzał z boku
Strzał w dół
Strzał w górę
Fotografia pod niskim kątem
Fotografowanie w najniższym kącie, fotografowanie w trybie makro i
fotografowanie specjalne można uzyskać dzięki odwróconej środkowej osi.
Automatyczny hak odbicia
Ciężkie przedmioty można zawiesić w celu zwiększenia stabilności
Odbicie 180 °
Ułatw sobie przechowywanie i przenoszenie
Łatwy do noszenia
Rurka wykonana z wysokiej jakości
węglowego , może być odbita o 180 °, co ułatwia przenoszenie.
Doświadczenie użytkownika / zdjęcie użytkownika
Ogólnie   4.8   
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A VERY rigid small travel tripod
The tripod arrived well packaged with a little carry pouch. This tripod is small! And fits nicely in my side pocket on my camera bag.Don't let the size or weight of the tripod fool you. It's one of the sturdiest and rigid tripods I've used at this price point! Being carbon fibre it is extremely lightweight! The ball head it good and easy to use and it's nice to see a metal quick release plate.There was no buckling of the legs when fully extended and took my D810 & 70-200 f2.8 with no issues at all.The screw mechanism for the legs works exceptionally well and very very smooth with no snagging even after shooting on a soggy beach!If you want a very sturdy and capable carbon fibre tripod for under £100 you can't go wrong with this.Highly recommended for portability and how stable it is.W.Wise.Photography
A VERY rigid small travel tripod A VERY rigid small travel tripod
Excellent for travel / portability
I bought this tripod for my holiday in two weeks time, I have played about with at home, taken it to one shoot and I feel that I need to share my thoughts.Firstly, it is compact and light, 846g which is only 4g heavier than the iPad I am writing this on! It folds down to a really compact size and easily fits into my backpack. It comes with a really good quality bag. It is so compact I wish the bag had belt loops, a lot of my photography assignments I have to be mobile so would be good for me. I may add one to the bag!The twist locks for the legs have a nice rubber grip and tighten easily. I was surprised how little you have to tighten them for them to lock. It is just a gentle twist and it grIps, no need to be straining to lock them.The head is very small and compact as well, which make sense as it is a travel item. It has one handle that loosens the ball head and the rotation, when tightened locks up well. I put my EOS R and 24-70 L f2.8 ii (quite heavy setup) and it had no problems handling that. It did make it feel quite top heavy as it is such a light weight tripod which I guess is the compromise, but there is a hook at the bottom that I can hang my bag on, which sorted the top heavy issue immediately.For such a light weight tripod it has a really solid feel, not what I was expecting for the price. It is not expensive for carbon fibre but definitely does not feel cheap in any way. I don't think it has enough rigidity for video especially if panning, but for that you cannot use carbon fibre, you need the weight, this one for stills while traveling or mobile is perfect.If you want lightweight and compact, I could not recommend this tripod enough, I can carry it without noticing.
Excellent for travel / portability Excellent for travel / portability
Really impressed; winner winner, chicken dinner!
This little thing is great. I knew it had to be a done deal when it was handed to me by the delivery guy - I was expecting to take something weighty but it felt so light and that was in the box!As background, like many, I'd been extensively looking for the 'right' tripod for some time for my new camera system. As only an occasional tripod user, my requirements are for something, lightweight but sturdy, cheap, attractive and small! I have a Sony A7ii (599 g) and my heaviest lens is a 24-105mm (663 g). Before this kit, I'd owned a smaller mirrorless for which I'd owned a Manfrotto tripod, so it made sense to start my search there this time around. In fact, I got the Manfrotto Befree Advanced straight out off the bat, but had an issue with the product out of the box. Also, in hindsight after sending it back, I didn't actually feel happy spending that much money.So I did a bit more research and found this. It ticks all the boxes and actually exceeds my expectations for the price point. Granted I haven't tested it out in the field yet, but I'm happy that it feels just as good at this stage as the earlier Manfrotto I'd owned with my old camera system, so I'm confident enough to recommend it. It also is small and has a nice carry bag with a pocket (although that's pretty heavily branded which is a bit off-putting). It also comes with two Allen keys.The previous reviews were really helpful so I'm only really adding my confirmation that they were all right. You won't be disappointed. I'll be sure to update my comments and recommendation in the future if anything changes.
Really impressed; winner winner, chicken dinner!
One of the Best Travel Tripods I’ve Used
If you’re in the market for an amazing travel tripod, this should be near the top of your list. There are a number of reasons why which basically boil down to price, size, weight, build quality, and value for money.For the money, this is carbon fibre not aluminium which means that it is lightweight and easy to take anywhere and yet the build quality is robust. When you collapse it down, it is actually smaller than the premium GorillaPod! I’ve shown this in the pictures I’ve uploaded. Take a look.Since getting it, I’ve almost abandoned using the GorillaPod since it was my number one choice for day to day shooting mainly because it is light. Now I prefer this because it is much more rigid, much more stable, just as light and better made.The biggest advantage is that it has a hook underneath the tripod centre column which means that you can actually make this tripod heavier by hanging your camera backpack on it.My friend was sceptical about this tripod saying that there is no substitute for a heavy Gitzo costing £800! But that is like saying that there is no substitute for an espresso machine costing thousands of pounds.In my view, I think some people think about this sort of tripod wrong. A lightweight travel tripod should be compared to a GorillaPod or other lightweight tripod, not to a huge, heavy beast of metal designed to keep your camera stable in an earthquake.And believe me, if my experience is anything like yours, there is no doubt whatsoever that you will use this one more than your heavy one.Last point is that if you shoot video, then between this and a GorillaPod, you pretty much have all that you need for whatever shot you want to take. My GorillaPod is great for many shots but getting any camera horizontal on it is a pain.In contrast, this one has a party trick. It has a spirit level and a compass on the ball head! This is perfect for balancing the camera up and surprisingly helpful in knowing where the wind will be blowing from (I use a weather app to check wind speed and direction).My one came with a brilliant water proof cover and complete lens cleaning kit. Very nice touch, K&F, very nice indeed. Plus a travel case which is very well made and appreciated but I must say I’m not keen on the large logo on the bag itself and wish they would have left it off or made it smaller. But that’s not a big deal.Overall, an excellent travel tripod and very easy to use.
One of the Best Travel Tripods I’ve Used
A travel tripod that punches well above its weight!
I'm a semi professional videographer running a motorcycle channel on a well known video sharing site.As such im filming all the time, and needed a good quality travel tripod as my old one had seen better days.I needed to make sure I got the absolute best value for my money and spent a lot of time on research.I looked at all the big name makes and quite simply couldn't justify paying £300 plus for a tripod in this class.It is a confusing process here on Amazon as there are several manufacturers selling very similar looking tripods at similar prices. But from experience I know they are not all the same quality.I chose this K&F concepts tripod because of the reputation they have built up and I have to say I was not dissapointed.I know quality photography equipment when I see it and this is quality!Of all the travel tripods I have owned this is by far the lightest yet amazingly also the most stable I have encountered, it is rock solid!The build quality is excellent, everything is a precision fit, with no slop or slack. A mixture of very robust and well finished carbon fibre, cast and cnc aluminium and what appears to be high end engineering grade nylon.The twist locks on the legs are precise and easy to operate, so far I haven't encountered any false locks.It has a basic but very well made ball head with a single lock off control for both pan and tilt. A feature which is great for repositioning shots quickly. The control is lever shaped rather than a cylinder which makes a secure lock off very easy and confidence inspiring., even with a reasonably heavy video camera. The ball head and pan are smooth enough for video work, which is a bonus as I had anticipated I would have to change it for a fluid head. The quick release is a tried and tested arca Swiss type plate.There is absolutely no wobble when in use with only a very slight and to be expected, flex in the legs at full extension when heavy pressure is applied. The legs have 2 position settings that are secured with a slide locking catch, again it always engages positively and is easy to operate.It comes with a very nice and well made travel case.All things considered this tripod performs, and is of a quality well above its price point. I will definately be looking to K&F concepts for future equipment acquisitions.
A travel tripod that punches well above its weight!
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